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El Gaitero Spanish Apple Cider - 24 x 33cl - £42 per case

Customer Score: 100/100

An El Gaitero beer

This product is not available for purchase today - we are currently out of stock of this particular wine/vintage. Please email for further details.

El Gaitero company was founded in the 19th century when the demand for Spanish cider increased and they began exporting it from Spain to the Spanish colonies and to America. It was in 1888 that Alberto del Valle aqcuired the French machinery that would enable him to carbonate the traditional local Asturian cider.  El Gaitero is fermented from 100% freshly pressed apples, sweetened and carbonated. For over a century it has been popular as a poor man's Champagne for toasting special occasions. A medium dry, refreshing cider, full of flavour; a versatile drink that is best served cold by itself or accompanying snacks.

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Class Spanish Cider
Volume 33cl
Style Cider
ABV 5.5%
  • 100 Slurper Rating

Tasting Notes - From SlurpVision

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