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 British Venture Capital Assn names Slurp in Top 200 Companies for 2009

 Slurp Launches Virtual Tasting Notes Launches UK’s First Online Sommelier

 BMA Must not be Allowed to Demonise Wine Drinking " It Makes no Sense Launches New and Exciting Range of Ports and Sherries

 Slurp Embraces the Austrian Wine Revolution.

 Jancis Robinson versus Robert Parker - a Slurp Taste Off!

 Slurp Embraces the Austrian Wine Revolution

 The Fine Wine Review - How Long Does White Burgundy Really Last?

 ‘Tasting the Diversity’ in Portugal

 The Fine Wine Review - A French Aristocrat and an Aussie Pretender

 1990 in the Sunshine - (May 2008)

 Brits buying French Vineyards