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En Primeur at Slurp Asia

En Primeur at Slurp

What is En Primeur?

En Primeur is the chance to purchase wines that are yet to be bottled through reputable merchants, often at a lower price than their future release price. It is also called 'wine futures'. It is a form of buying that is, so far, only common practice in certain French regions (Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone) and Port, although some top New World vineyards are following suit. Bordeaux offer their wines 2 years before releasing their wines, Burgundy is generally within 12 months of release and the same for Rhone wines.  You can often secure very rare (or highly allocated) wines at very competitive market prices and at the same time, be safe in the knowledge that your wine will arrive within the specified delivery period.


Why buy En Primeur with Slurp?

We have a fantastic team of experienced, extremely knowledgeable staff that can ensure you get the best wine for your money. Whether you are someone looking to invest in wine or simply ensure you have your preferred selection ready on their release, our team will always steer you in the right direction. We pride ourselves on developing a relationship with every single customer that wishes to invest in wine. We monitor the global market and maintain our ability to buy and sell across the world.


What is the En Primeur process and how does it work?


  • En Primeur or 'wine futures', is a method of purchasing wines early, while a vintage is still in a barrel, offering the customer the opportunity to invest in a particular wine before it is bottled.
  • Payment is made at an early stage, a year or 18 months prior to the official release of a vintage. A possible advantage of buying wines en primeur is that the wines may be considerably cheaper during the en primeur period than they will be once bottled and released on the market.
  • Whenever you purchase wines En Primeur, you will receive an Ownership Certificate from Slurp within a few days. This is for your records and will state that you own the wine you have purchased along with your account details.
  • Once the wine is shipped from the vineyard we will notify you and then arrange the best delivery address/storage account to send your wine to.


What are the Benefits of EP for the consumer?

For the consumer, purchasing En Primeur gives them the opportunity to secure wines that may have very limited quantities and be difficult to get after they are released. In favorable vintages, some classified Bordeaux estates will allocate or sell almost all their year's inventory before the wine is released, meaning that En Primeur buying is a way to ensure you do secure the wine straight from the Chateau. The purchase price during the En Primeur period may also be lower than the price the wine will be once it is released. In April 2009 the release of the 2008 En Primeur from Bordeaux was released 30% down, on average, compared to the previous year. This created a huge buying frenzy within the market and investment opportunity grew instantly.


If you have any further questions on En Primuer buying or Fine Wine investment, please call our Slurp Asia Team on +852 3590 4470.

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